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June 25 2022



From The Depths Entertainment  Jan 10/2022

The Maiden" Single Review
"The track doesn't hold anything back in its beginning. The track blazes full speed ahead into the first verse. The Hard Rock riffs and melodies are top notch and it's easy to sing along to. The heavy instrumentation takes hold ".....

Lazie Indie Magazine Interview Oct 27 2021



Dare We Say Fate Will Come Creates Vintage Heavy Metal?

"Renita and I discuss her latest unreleased song entitled, ‘Bitch’ and the song ‘Whiskey Girl’ as well as the challenges of writing song with her band being here in the US while she resides in Canada " -  Oct 2021

" The title track on the band’s Heavy Heart release borrows liberally from various classic metal bands from that era, including a riff structure much like many memorable Van Halen FM radio staples. The net effect is a group that sounds a bit like a band out of time. They just don’t make albums like this anymore. The singer screams, squeals and boogies her  way through these seven tracks. The guitarist never stops doing the exact same thing – only with an electric guitar. You don’t realize how distinctive music from that era was, though, until you hear a ‘new’ album like this one. It just doesn’t sound like any modern music."

Skope Entertainment  - April 2021



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