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 Fate Will Come who hit #70 on the UK iTunes Rock Songs chart today...alongside some names you might be familiar with!     

                                               #mtsfamily #unitedkingdom #itunes #rock 

                       Recent Press

 https://www.broadwayworld.com/bwwmusic/article/Hard-Rockers-Fate-Will-Come-Self-Titled-Album-Soars-On-Radio-Charts-      With-New-Single-JUNE 29 2022

https://www.frequenzemusicali.it/Revew in Italy "The Cost "- June 25 2022

https://ventsmagazine.com/2022/06/27/interview-fate-will-come/#respond - June 26 2022


                                                                 First Album -Fate Will Come   released April 1 , 2022      

Album -"Fate Will Come "added to Canada Collage Radio Charts  April 28,22,  

Fate Will Come #5 Top Ten Metal/Loud/Punk Albums CFBX 92.5 FM



   "Fate Will Come is a Metal Band. When I say metal I mean the real thing.It's old school heavy metal tipping its hat to the legends like Dio, Metallica, and Megadeth". - Indie Strong



 Played on Rock/Metal Stations   

           World Wide

CKXU 88.3

CHSR FM 97.9

CFIS 93.1







Disciples of Rock 

104 FM 

104 The Apple

Alien X Radio

Banks Radio

Museboat Live

PipeDreams with Boom Smack

CBJ Radio

First Spin Radio US

Emidios Rock Den   

FM 106.1 

Euro Indie Music Network

Indie Scene Radio

Hard Rock Hell Radio

Pop Can Radio

Midnight Madness

RadioMax Music 


Black Sky Radio

KBOG 97.9


Radio WigWam

Cator Radio

Rock Druid

Treble radio

Hard Rock Radio

Surgery Records Radio


Dare we say Fate Will Come creates vintage 80s heavy metal?

The title track on the band’s Heavy Heart release borrows liberally from various classic metal bands from that era, including a riff structure much like many memorable Van Halen FM radio staples. The net effect is a group that sounds a bit like a band out of time. They just don’t make albums like this anymore. The singer screams, squeals and boogies her way through these seven tracks. The guitarist never stops doing the exact same thing – only with an electric guitar. You don’t realize how distinctive music from that era was, though, until you hear a ‘new’ album like this one. It just doesn’t sound like any modern music.   Skope Entertainment -Apr 2021


Microphone on Sound Board


Blue Abstract
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”Creating Hard Rock Songs On Both                  Sides of the Border”

They are a US/Canada collaboration inspired by the hard                          rock sounds of the 80’s

Fate will Come is a band that is driven by passion, energy, nostalgia and the unpredictable. 

They have just released their new single" Bitch  to radio  the first single  from forthcoming 1st album ......

"Fate Will Come"

 Every song and every lyric is kindled by real-life events that share a common universal emotion. The band is a long-awaited dream collaboration between Renita Zintel and Matt Kirschner.

Their unique collaboration spans two countries as Renita lives in Canada, and all the other band members live in the USA. They met on a musicians website Aug 2019 and have written 100 songs together in the last 2 years!

Matt Kirschner plays acoustic and electric guitars, production. He is joined by: Renita Zintel (lead vocals,lyrics guitar); Michael Joe Deal (bassist, guitarist, vocalist, keyboard); Richard Groce (drums and percussion)



Management / fatewcome@gmail.com
Booking / fatewcome@gmail.com
Promo / Eugene Foley Entertainment  
    also From The Depths Entertainment 

Blue Abstract

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